Socialising English for all Malaysians

Englishjer is a social enterprise that was established in 2014 and aims to make English unintimidating and accessible to all Malaysians through creative projects and online engagements. Englishjer has organised dozens of language camps, workshops, events, and published books, and consulted various organisations to make learning English less burdensome and more hollistic.

How we give back: We regularly organise free/discounted English enrichment programs for target groups as well as creating free content for the masses to consume to help improve the overall usage and attitude towards English. Our services are also discounted for NGOs and charity organisations.

Enrichment Programmes

Englishjer Camp @ Sibu (252 participants)

Our Englishjer Camp features modules that is designed by Englishjer and our partners of academia. It is constantly undergoing progressive refinement to optimize its effectiveness. The modules we currently have focus on English usage in communication and building confidence.

To date, we have conducted over 50 English language and communications camps for high school and university students, mainly young adults all over the country. We aim to tackle the issues surrounding the psychological, confidence and communications aspect of English language learning. Our modules are highly customizable to your objectives and needs.

We have collaborated and organized camps for Petronas, US Embassy KL and Yayasan Peneraju. Contact us to organize a camp with us today! 

Language Services

Englishjer Workshop @ University Teknologi Petronas

We provide various English-related services to businesses, individuals, and other organisations that includes but not limited to writing, proofreading, translation, and consultation. We have over 6 years of experience working with various entities from government, SMEs, and individuals.

Our approach focuses on the reader experience that goes beyond just taking the word as-is. Through our experience in conducting workshops and meeting people on the ground, we understand the evolution and transformation of how we consume information thus adapting our work towards this understanding.