Eksplen: Profess vs. Confess

Confess means to tell the truth about something – but usually if it’s something that’s bad or something you don’t admit in the open. In Malay: Confess: mengaku (kata kerja) Confession: pengakuan (kata nama) I […]


Please be informed that as of 2:35AM on 3/07/2018, the Twitter account of Englishjer has been hacked. We have lost all access to our account, our followers, messages, and everything associated with the account. Good […]

Englishjer is Going to Sibu!

Under the EJ NEXT Project supported by Yayasan Peneraju, Englishjer is going to Sibu, Sarawak to conduct an English Camp for form 5 students in SMK Bandar Bintangor, SMK Meradong, SMK Tong Hua & SMK Kai […]