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5 French Words You Can Use Every Day

Did you know that the French has a really big influence on the English language? You might hear words of French origin every day and not notice it. Words like beef, justice, passport, and gallery all came from French.

Here are some words that are considered common in the English language and you can use that to level up your vocabulary – also you can use them in your exams to score some extra points! (You can click on the pronunciation to listen to the words)

En Route

Meaning: On the way / dalam perjalanan

Pronounce it: awn-rut


He was en route to work when he saw the cat.

Many believe Malaysia is still en route to becoming a high-income nation.

You are en route to greatness, don’t give up!

Raison d’être


Meaning: Reason for being / Tujuan hidup

Pronounce it: ray-zon detr


After working for 3 years, I realised that my son is my raison d’être.

The government is currently discussing the raison d’etre of public schools.

You must appreciate the raison d’etre of this company.



Meaning: first appearance / kemunculan pertama

Pronounce it: day-biu


His debut in the movie was very impressive!

Captain Marvel will make her debut next year.

I consider it a good debut if you play your best.

Carte Blanche


Meaning: Complete freedom / kuasa penuh

Pronounce it: kart blaunch


The designer was given carte blanche to design the company logo.

Do the judges have carte blanche power to determine the winners?

Don’t give anyone carte blanche over decisions that will affect your life.



Meaning: Great ability to deal with any situation / keterampilan

Pronounce it: sa-vua fehr


Men with a little savoir-faire are really hard to find nowadays.

The politican’s savoir-faire masks his hidden agenda.

He handled the problem with his usual savoir faire.

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5 French Words You Can Use Every Day