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Event: Seram Sejuk Bawah Pokok

Note: We will be speaking at the UNITAR English Language Teaching Conference 2018 that falls on 10th November 2018 – we have to move this programme from 10th Nov to 8th December 2018! See you there! Along with PUDGi Urban Outdoors […]

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Eksplen: Profess vs. Confess

Confess means to tell the truth about something – but usually if it’s something that’s bad or something you don’t admit in the open. In Malay: Confess: mengaku (kata kerja) Confession: pengakuan (kata nama) I confess that I was the […]

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Please be informed that as of 2:35AM on 3/07/2018, the Twitter account of Englishjer has been hacked. We have lost all access to our account, our followers, messages, and everything associated with the account. Good news, we’ve managed to get […]

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Englishjer is Going to Sibu!

Under the EJ NEXT Project supported by Yayasan Peneraju, Englishjer is going to Sibu, Sarawak to conduct an English Camp for form 5 students in SMK Bandar Bintangor, SMK Meradong, SMK Tong Hua & SMK Kai Chung. The objective of the […]

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EJ Quiz: Tenses

Take the SuperRandom quiz about tenses here! I’ll warn you though, it’s not as easy as it sounds. This could get tense.

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Kedai EJ: Hundred/Hundred 2017

“People say home is where the heart is / but I bring my heart everywhere” – Husainy Kamal The Hundred/Hundred Project The Hundred/Hundred is a writing project that challenges Malaysians to write under a unifying theme with one small catch: […]

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