Eksplen: Either & Neither

Kenapa penting either & neither ni?

Kadang-kadang ada dua objek yang di-refer dan kita nak elakkan sentence panjang-panjang berulang point yang sama.

For example:

Sentence 1: Saiful does not eat carrots, Afiq does not eat carrot as well.

Sentence 2: Neither Saiful nor Afiq eat carrots. 

Using Either & Neither

Neither and Either is about choice.

Bezanya cuma satu: postive or negative.

Word Choice Or/Nor
Either Positive Or
Neither Negative Nor


I want either the chili or the sweet onion. (positive choice)

= I want the chili OR the sweet onion

Either is a positive choice, one must be made and both cannot happen.

Either of us must go sembelih the chicken.

I want neither the chili nor the sweet onion. (negative choice)

= I don’t want the chili. I don’t want the sweet onion.

Use neither when there are only two choices. 

I want neither the chili nor the sweet onion nor the tomato nor the thousand island [✗]

I want none of the condiments [✔]

Answering Questions

A: I don’t like kuey teow kerang.

B: Neither do I! (informal: me neither)

A: We are not ready to go out.

B: Neither are we.

Extra Tips

Don’t Say: “me either”

Say “I as well” or “me too” (it’s more proper)

You can use either if you are answering the question in a negative way.

I don’t like eggs.

I don’t like eggs either! (don’t dah negative, so jangan guna neither!)

Neither is like putting a negative sign on the sentence so when there is already a neither don’t put anything negative on the sentence.

Neither of us dislike watching Ironman.

(this means you both like watching Ironman)

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