Englishjer NEXT 2016




Englishjer is visiting your state!


With the help of Yayasan Peneraju, Englishjer is embarking on an ambitious project to figure out how we could help learners and teachers everywhere in Malaysia to create a better learning ecosystem of learning English.

The modules and outcome of this project will be available to be used by both educators and learners for free at the end of this project.

What’s the project?


It consists of two things: community outreach and research (interviews and surveys). We are visiting each state to conduct:

  • Interviews with education stakeholders (educators, researchers, education-oriented business owners)
  • Surveys and discussions with youths

As well as to organise:

  • Englishjer Leadership and Communications Camp
  • EJ Speakology Public Speaking Class
  • Englishjer Razor Quiz

Free of charge! Yes – you read that right. Free!


We want to find out what’s bugging Malaysian’s youngster when it comes to learning English and most importantly, we want to create modules and initiatives to further help us overcome these barriers and create a better, more hands-on ecosystem of learning.

We want to really go on ground and talk to you and learn something about what you think about the way things are when it comes to learning English!

How Can I help?

Learners: Participate in the surveys, questionnaires, suggest educators for us to talk to!

Educators: Talk to us and let us know your ideas for a better education culture in Malaysia.

Sponsors: Donate to the cause, sponsor a venue, help us expand the reach of the project.

For further inquiries, contact us at englishjer@gmail.com or fill out our nifty contact form here.