Eksplen: Profess vs. Confess

Confess means to tell the truth about something – but usually if it’s something that’s bad or something you don’t admit in the open.

In Malay:
Confess: mengaku (kata kerja)
Confession: pengakuan (kata nama)

I confess that I was the one who ate all the nasi lemak.
The confession is fake!

Profess can have several meanings but don’t worry, they’re all are actually almost the same. It can be:

  • To state something, sometimes in a way that is not sincere
    Mengaku akan sesuatu (untuk memperdaya atau secara tidak ikhlas)

Example: I profess my innocence

Sebenarnya agak tricky, tapi kena tengok context. Contoh macam kalau kita dah dapat bukti orang tu bersalah, but dia still nak cakap dia innocent – kita cakap dia profess innocence.

  • To belong in a particular religion
    Mengaku menganuti sesuatu agama

Example: Hannah professes the religion of Christianity

  • To state openly that you have a particular belief, feeling
    Mengakui mempunyai kepercayaan/emosi terhadap sesuatu

Example: Ahmad professed admiration for Camelia’s performance

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