Englishjer Interview Tips

  We get it, interviews can be nerve-wracking, but it is a vital part in one’s transition into adulthood. In fact, even older adults still go for interviews! But trust us, if you prepare yourself well enough before you attend one, you’ll come to realise that interviews are not as scary as they seem! Here are five tips you should remember before going for your next interview:

1) Know your resume

This shouldn’t be too hard, since you were the one who wrote your own resume. However, make sure that you are aware of everything you have included in your resume, and you are able to explain comprehensively when the interviewer asks you about a particular section in your resume (for example, an award you won when you were 15). In other words, do not simply throw every achievement you’ve had into the resume without knowing how to explain them in detail.

2) Be early!

Most interview tips will tell you to be punctual or be on time, but we’ll tell you to be early! Why? Being early leaves room for any unforeseen circumstances, for example missing the bus, traffic jams, a flat tire and other unplanned mishaps that could happen right before the interview. Besides, you will be more relaxed if you arrive early, and you will have time to compose yourself before going in for the interview.

3) Appearance DOES matter

While we would like to believe that it’s the inside that counts, we must also remember that sometimes your appearance also reflects your personality, therefore make sure that you are not only properly dressed, you should also look tidy and neat. An interview can sometimes be like a blind date, where the first impression counts. If your interviewer has lost interest in you at first sight, chances are he/she will no longer be interested to go beyond that to delve deeper into your personality, awards or achievements. You don’t have to look pretty or handsome, but you do have to look confident and professional.

4) Manners

While we are in the topic of first impressions, remember that the second thing that your interviewer will note after your appearance is your mannerism and etiquette. Be sure to not only treat your interviewer with respect, but be sure to also smile to everyone you come across in the office and say your magic words (please and thank you) when necessary. These people could be your future colleagues, and who knows – they might also have a say in your job application review! Besides, it does not hurt to simply be nice to people.

5) Find the balance between confidence and humility

Of course every interviewer would prefer to hire confident candidates, but it is important to remember that while being confident is good, being cocky is usually a turn-off. Having said that, try to not sound like a know-it-all and always emphasise that there is always room for you to improve or learn something new where ever you go. That way, you will not come across as a person who is too confident or too humble. The key is to find the right balance to show that you are not just the right candidate for the job, you can also take the opportunity to learn more things and perhaps contribute more to the company in the future.

Most important of all, just relax and take it easy! These tips may be important but it is also important to let your personality shine while you go for an interview. Nobody likes an extremely rigid and serious person, so make sure that you allow some space for yourself to breathe and enjoy the process, too. … Besides, what could possibly go wrong, right?

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