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EJ in the Media

Throughout the years, Englishjer has been featured on various media, including print, radio, and television. Here are some of highlights of EJ in the news, including features of its activities and members. If you would like to talk to us, don’t hesitate to contact us here!

Astro Awani

“Kini mempunyai lebih 91,000 pengikut di laman Twitter, yang kebanyakkannya terdiri daripada generasi muda, Englishjer mula mengubah persepsi golongan ini terhadap bahasa Inggeris yang sebelum ini agak negatif.”

Wira AWANI: ‘English Jer’ ubah persepsi terhadap Bahasa Inggeris


“Satu lagi sebab ialah kekurangan penggerak-penggerak media sosial yang mempromosikan pendidikan. Saya rasa, ia satu perkara yang pelik kerana media sosial boleh dan harus digunakan untuk tujuan yang baik.”

Abdul Qayyum gigih mengajar Bahasa Inggeris

Malaysian Digest

“We believe the conducive environment must first exist, and it must exist in the homes of the learners, with their friends, and with whatever media they interact with.”

Our English Proficiency Is Declining That Some Youngsters Don’t Know What ‘Ugly’ Means

International Education News

“We’re innovative in terms of method, rather than content.” Qayyum explains. “There’s still a stigma about speaking English here, so we first convince people that it’s okay to learn English, and then encourage them to use it.”

Changing Malaysian education from the outside in?

The Level Malaysia

“… the major problem comes from basic things like presentations. In speaking to graduates from international and local universities, he finds that local universities don’t place emphasis on the constructive criticism element of presenting and public speaking”

Introducing: Industry of Awesome

Rakan Muda

“Learning English allows us to expand our network. We can communicate and express ourselves better. We could read more books, watch more movies and listen to more music,” explains Qayyum on the importance of learning English.”

Ilmu Itu Awesome: Qayyum Jumadi, Englishjer

BFM: The Business Station

“Englishjer is an initiative to bring a simpler and more fun way to learn English for all. It strives to convince youths that English is not difficult, using a combination of wits, social media and community-based events. Joining us to shed more light on this youth initiative is Abdul Qayyum Jumadi, the founder of Englishjer”

Bila Larut Malam: Tiada Kata Secantik Bahasa | Live and Learn: Englishjer