EJ Video: I am, Stalk vs. Stalker, cat is out of the bag

Tips: I vs. I am I, use it for verbs (kata kerja,perbuatan) I drink tea every day. I am, use it for the state of something (keadaan) I am sick. I am good with computers. Also use […]

Teacher Teacher: Why is English Spelling Frustrating?

Some spellings in English are just so weird! Why is there an “h” in “hour” and an “l” in “salmon”, when those letters aren’t pronounced? Why does “pronounce” have a “u”, but “pronunciation” doesn’t? If […]

EJ Quiz: British vs. American English

Do you think you know the difference between Briish and American English? take the quiz here! Englishjer.co #SuperRandom Quiz: American vs. British English (Part 1) Do you know the difference between color and colour? a […]

EJ Quiz: Know Your Idioms

Englishjer.com #SuperRandom Quiz (Idiom Edition) You think you know your english idioms? Then, no need to take this quiz I suppose. You wanna get coffee or something? What is the meaning of “a piece of […]

Eksplen: Who, Whom, Whose

Who & Whom What’s the difference between who and whom? Jawapannya sama seperti “Bila nak guna I dan me?” I, guna kalau nak pronoun (kata ganti nama) tu jadi sebagai subjek. Subjek = watak utama […]