Vocabulary Building With Star Wars

“Oh my. Space travel sound rather perilous. I can assure you they will never get me on one of those dreadful Star Ships.” C-3PO – The Phantom Menace Perilous comes from the word ‘peril’ which […]

Learn: Lessons From a Polyglot

We found this pretty cool video today of a talk given by Tim Doner. In some reports he is said able to speak in 23 languages. You know what he said about learning language? “I […]

Quiz: Speak Like Me!

If you have troubles taking the quiz, try putting your device in landscape mode or click¬†here. What to do with my results?¬†Well, whoever you got, I have analysed to the best of my abilities of […]

Introduction to Puns

Well, puns are fun – but they are also a good indicator of your grasp in the English language mainly because it challenges your vocabulary and critical thinking skills. Plus, you need a good understanding […]