Quiz: Speak Like Me!

If you have troubles taking the quiz, try putting your device in landscape mode or click here. What to do with my results? Well, whoever you got, I have analysed to the best of my abilities of […]

Introduction to Puns

Well, puns are fun – but they are also a good indicator of your grasp in the English language mainly because it challenges your vocabulary and critical thinking skills. Plus, you need a good understanding […]

Learn: Who’s vs. Whose

Simply put: Whose =  siapa punya Who’s = who is/who has Not so simply put: “Whose” is to show belonging or association. You can use it for things or sequence, like “Whose turn is this?”. […]

Teacher Teacher: Language Sense

Hello world, and welcome to my column on Englishjer.co! How exactly do we obtain an excellent command of language aside from doing traditional grammar exercises? There has to be some other way, right? The key […]

Teacher Teacher: English Myths and Facts

Hello world, and welcome to my column on Englishjer.co! In this multi-part article, we’ll be looking at fascinating aspects of the English Language your school teacher never told you about. We’ll also cover some unusual […]