Englishjer is a social business that runs English empowerment programmes in an effort to socialise English learning for all Malaysians since 2013. We appreciate that education and empowerment must be experiential in order to fully realise its potential and we have dedicated countless hours towards working with various education stakeholders to make Malaysia a better place to learn and teach English.

Training & Workshops

Englishjer has been all over Malaysia developing modules for workshops and training programmes for English and communications. All our programmes are conducted with the help people who use practical English in their everyday lives, from lawyers, bankers, journalists, poets, musicians, engineers, and teachers. We curate our programmes based on the needs and levels of the participants with our very own assessment method.

Under our community wing, we are partnering up with Poets Passport to bring to life creative workshops that focuses on building communications skills through poetry.


Our first book, 100 Thing I Learnt About Learning is in the bestseller list for non-fiction in both Popular and MPH bookstores across the country. Our trademark publication, the Hundred/Hundred is a creative publication project that houses stories from various people from all over the country under one unifying theme.

All our publications are focused on education and creativity.


Englishjer has curated various events in support of the advancement of English and communications. We have curated multiple events from international galleries to small target-focused English clinics, and English quizzes in universities across the country to promote, popularise, and socialise the use of English. We can curate events for you as per our philosophy.

To inquire on partnerships with Englishjer, Get in touch with us here.

Past Partnerships