Past Projects

Over the years, we have organised close to 50 events and activities all to reach out and promote expression, creativity, communication, and English in a more democratic and participatory way. We have conducted activities in schools, colleges, universities, and other institutions. We welcome any ideas and invitation.

Let us know if you are keen to work with us here!

EJ Leadership and Communications Camp

EJ Camp is a 3 day, 2 night camp that focuses on breaking barriers of learning and expression. It’s a systematic, progression-based approach of getting participants to higher levels of confidence and creativity (as well as improving their grammar along the way!). We craft the camps to cater to various themes, like writing and leadership.

Interested to organise a camp in your institution? Contact us here!


With the help of US Embassy Kuala Lumpur and Lincoln Corner of KL Library, we conducted a 6-week public speaking course using modules provided by the University of Washington with 18 participants of various age and backgrounds. It was a mix of theory, practice, and hands-on activities to develop public speaking skills.

All participants were given certificates of acknowledgement by the US Embassy of KL.

Tikar Buku

Developed as a charity initiative, Tikar Buku is a project where we take donated books, curate them, and sell them at the buyer’s price. The proceeds will then go to charitable or social bodies, student projects, or education-based initiatives, 100%.

Let us know if you have books to give away! You can also invite Tikar Buku to your next event! 🙂

Shot in the Dark Poetry Night

Held at Talent Lounge Damansara Perdana, Shot in the Dark is an experimental poetry night where only the words matter as we turned off the lights and let poetry illuminate the venue. It’s the perfect opportunity for new poets to overcome stage fright or more experienced poets to experiment a new way of delivering their pieces.

Let us know if you want to organise Shots in your institution!

Hundred/Hundred Writing Project

In conjunction with Cooler Lumpur 2015, we organised a writing project with a twist: all entries must be exactly 100 words, no more and no less. The best 100 entries chosen by our team were displayed at the festival. Due to overwhelming support, we decided to publish the works in a compilation and with the help of KL Sketch Nation, the top 10 entries got a visual arts treatment.