Socialising English for all Malaysians



We have done over 20+ English and communications camps all over the country for high school and university students. Our modules are progressive and aims to tackle problems relating to psychology, confidence, and communications. Since 2014, we have organised camps for Petronas, US Embassy Kuala Lumpur, and Yayasan Peneraju. Organise a camp for your university or organisation with us today!

Special Projects & Events

We have done quiz nights, poetry events, published best-selling books and curated galleries in international festivals. We are highly passionate in making the world an easier place to learn and share without neglecting the importance of human element. We’ve done some pretty crazy things so far (and we are just getting started, honestly). Have something exciting in mind? Talk to us!


From poetry to public speaking, we have developed several modules to help enrich the lives of many of our workshop participants. We customize our modules for the occasion – taking into account the objective, English level, socioeconomic condition, and personalities of the participants. We guarantee you will not get a generic exercise whenever we come around. We are more than willing to push the envelope with you. Have something in mind? We’d love to have a chat.

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