Englishjer is a social business that runs English empowerment programmes in an effort to socialise English learning for all Malaysians since 2013. We appreciate that education and empowerment must be experiential in order to fully realise its potential and we have dedicated countless hours towards working with various education stakeholders to make Malaysia a better place to learn and teach English.

Learning and perfecting from our years and years of experience, we offer services below:


We have years of experience connecting with students, educators, and stakeholders throughout Malaysia conducting camps, workshops, and talks. We have hands-on experience delivering solutions relating to English and communications, especially when it involves the young and the eager. We also do English consultation for business entities to help figure out their voice and how they talk to customers.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help with the English environment in your organisation.

Workshops and Training

We have designed and conducted over 50 workshops and training programmes for high school, universities, and companies throughout Malaysia. We focus on getting people comfortable with the language, conquering their fears, fixing errors and recommendations on promoting a communications culture within the organisation.

Our workshops and training programmes are catered to fit the needs of the organisation.


We have so far organised over 20 events that is focused on getting people to be exposed to the English language through interactive activities and/or the appreciation of the arts. We employ creativity into the formulation of our events to meet the objectives we set. For example, our marquee event, the Shot in the Dark: Poetry Night is specifically designed to get new poets on stage and read their pieces without fear of judgement – the new poets will read their pieces in the dark in front of an audience assisted by experienced poets.

Proofreading and Translation

Whether it’s a book, an academic paper, websites, or whatever written material, you can get in touch with us to check for any language related errors be it spelling, grammar, or just general understandability. Englishjer has so far published three books under our own brand so you know you’re in good hands. Our team of grammar geeks are also experienced in proofreading and translation in various forms of writing materials.

Our proofreading and translation service is available for companies and individuals.

Campaigns and Advertising

You can now advertise in Englishjer’s platforms. We offer competitive and flexible rates for our Twitter and Websites ( and advertising to get your brand noticed! 

Personal/Group Tutoring

Coming Soon.