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Quizzes are fun. On Englishjer, we have been doing quizzes since 2015 and they are amongst our most popular ! The numbers don’t lie:

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About EJ Quizzes

  • Ranges between 8-15 questions
  • Designed to educate, instead of to test
  • They’re fun, funny, and suitable for various levels of learners

Why sponsor an EJ Quiz?

  1. High engagement: People spend typically 5-10 minutes on one quiz
  2. High visibility for your brand/product
  3. High shareability: Each quiz is shared about 300-600 times by users)
  4. Cross Platforms: Quizzes look good on mobile and desktop
  5. Easy sharing: each quiz will come with customised link

Introductory price for Sponsor-a-Quiz:

EduSeeds RM250
EduChamp RM450
EduHero RM600


Sponsored quizzes will be featured on Englishjer’s Twitter, website and Facebook page.

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